You want a hassle-free interpreted deposition.

You want interpreters who are professional, experienced, and certified. You want an interpreting agency you can trust. You want effortless communication.

You want...

What is being said about Link Interpret...

Email Subject line: "April Saves the Day"

"April, I just have to say YOU ROCK and your whole team of interpreters!! You saved the day today for the depo that was missing a Hmong interpreter (or two)! If only our country could be run by a woman of your talent, caliber and competence!! #dreams!! Thanks again for all your help and please pass along my gratitude to both of your interpreters for their awesomeness. Love you guys!"

-Kristy Hestwood, court reporter

"April, I have to tell you that you are the best, most accurate, most professional interpreter I have worked with in 30 years. No kidding. Normally I dread interpreted depositions, so I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for making my job so much easier. I have to think you made everyone’s role easier and that we created the most accurate record possible."

- Minneapolis based court reporter

Why Link Interpret?

All languages

Link Interpret will provide interpreters in any language you may need.

Video and telephonic interpreting

Link Interpret continues to be the premiere provider of in-person interpreting services. But when the world changed overnight, Link Interpret was there for attorneys needing remote language support. With our interpreters appearing live over video or phone you can conduct an interpreted deposition from the safety of your office, effortlessly.


Link Interpret was founded and is managed by a practicing interpreter who puts her insider information to work for you. April Cedillo has her finger on the pulse of the interpreting community and hand matches the best qualified interpreter to each assignment.

Exceptional Service

Link Interpret is a boutique agency by design, which permits us to serve your law firm with unparalleled customer service. Scheduling an interpreter couldn’t be any easier: simply e mail over the deposition notice, and that same day you will receive an assignment confirmation.

Certified Interpreters

Your depositions, arbitrations, and legal matters are too important to leave nuances of the spoken word up to unqualified bilingual individuals. Some agencies cut costs by sending interpreters who are not certified. Link Interpret hires certified, professional interpreters first.

Effortless Communication

You put a lot of thought in to how to precisely word your questions. Your interpreter must accurately render your question and interpret back the exact nuanced response. Certified interpreters ensure this delicate process takes place.

At Link Interpret, we carefully cultivate relationships with the most talented interpreters. The result? Your deposition is interpreted with effortless communication.