About Link Interpret

Link Interpret, LLC was founded and is managed by a practicing interpreter. April Cedillo is a businessperson, a leader in the interpreting community, and a state certified Spanish interpreter. Throughout her career she has interpreted thousands of depositions. This experience allows her to understand what attorneys need and how to provide the best matched interpreter for each assignment.

The idea for Link Interpret was born as Ms. Cedillo began her career as a freelance judicial interpreter. She observed that attorneys were frequently frustrated with the caliber of interpreters they worked with, and interpreters were upset by interpreting agencies that treated them with little professionalism.

Ms. Cedillo knew it could be done better, in a way that was beneficial for law firms, attorneys, deponents, and interpreters. Since Link Interpret’s founding in 2009, attorneys have valued our customer service, talented interpreters, and reliability. Interpreters have appreciated partnering with an agency that understands what they need to perform at their best.

The Result? Effortless Communication.